About AliveMind

About AliveMind

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AliveMind is a focused prevention of species extinction and revival via developing products that are tried and tested in areas of Environmental Sciences, Research, Field Deployment, Logistics, Awareness.

Current World Climate crises have shown the AliveMind’s structure is empowering the development of important synergies. In this context, all of our products and technologies can be introduced into all industries. With a goal to protect as many species as we can on our watch, we are all in this together.

The Earth has 3 Billion Years plus experience in balancing our ecology. Our senior team brings decades-long experience in diverse industries such as BioSciences, Technology, Natural resources, and Industrial Automation and passion to help reduce the damage we have done.

Our proprietary coded programs ensure the organization releases new groundbreaking technologies within industries such as Safety, Health, Wearables to support our initiatives with advanced applications such as one being developed for Maritime projects.

Our administrative service programs ensure that our local agents release new updates which help communities engage with local industry leaders in Taxation, Real Estate, Education to support our initiatives with adopting advanced applications for revival and administration of local biomass.

With our existing and future products, the board of directors remains confident that we will receive continuous awareness via Licensing, Franchising, and the Manufacturing of new technologically advanced applications to global corporate and private consumers.

We deliver ISO standards products and services for various security management systems
Our Research team works parallel with engineers, industrial and patent specialists.

In addition and apart from providing local agencies infrastructure, we also backfield offices with the most effective and efficient team and products to market.

AliveMind is also in-network with the largest Tax Firms, Insurance Firms and so is able to provide our donors with lower insurance premiums on their vehicles, property, valuables, boats, planes, and so forth.

We rely on donations and support which is realized as savings are realized.